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About Us

ICA-CI is a non-governmental, non-profit organization governed by Law No. 60.185 of 21 September 1960 on Associations. It has been officially recognized by the Ivorian authorities since March 13th, 1996, under n ° 80 / INT / AGP / 5, and is a founding member of the collective of the NGOs Actives in Côte d'Ivoire (CONGACI) and COVALBSI.


Its basic mission is to catalyze, encourage and support any local effort.
It is concerned with the human factor in community development.

To achieve its objectives, ICA-CI has a method of working that uses the talent of the target group to solve their problems and plan their future (strategic planning).


  • General Assembly (GA)
  • Board of Directors (CA)
  • Office Execution (BE)
  • Basic communities (CB)
  • Permanent staff: 07 people


We have three main areas of intervention:

  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Other Actions

Since its establishment in Côte d'Ivoire in 1981, ICA-CI has been developing extensive successful programs in the areas of preventive health, reproductive health, sustainable agriculture, leadership and training.


In the field of health, ICA-CI undertook many actions and carried out
many projects. We can mention among others:

  • Construction of 100 latrines;
  • Creation of more than 90 pharmacy boxes in more than 90 villages in Côte d'Ivoire;
  • Awareness raising on hygiene and family planning in 30 villages in sub-prefecture of Brobo;
  • Culinary demonstrations for infant nutrition in more than 40 villages of the Sub-prefecture of Brobo;
  • Sensitization on hygiene and family planning in 7 villages of the sub-prefecture of Toumodi (NEIGHBORHOOD NEIGHBORHOOD: (VSV);
  • Culinary demonstrations for infant nutrition in more than 7 villages and in Toumodi hospital;
  • Installation of two solar water heaters at Toumodi hospital;
  • Installation of two solar water heaters at Dimbokro Hospital;
  • Installation of solar lighting system in the housing of 8 teachers in Dimbokro;
  • Installation of freezers in two health centers of Dimbokro Sub-Prefecture;
  • Installation of solar lighting system in two multipurpose homes of the sub-prefecture of Dimbokro.


We introduced new farming techniques into farmers' practices:

  • Establishment of a Village Savings and Loan Association (AVEC) to finance income-generating activities for the benefit of 200 young people in the Agneby-Tiassa region
  • Rehabilitation of 585 young people in broiler farming and market gardening and agroforestry in 11 villages of Agboville
  • Opening of a farm school in Brobo for the education of young farmers on reforestation;
  • Introduction of the use of legumes for soil regeneration (agroforestry) in Brobo and Toumodi;
  • Training and supervision of farmers and vegetable farmers in Brobo, M'Batto and Toumodi;
  • Training and supervision of students in market gardening in schools in Brobo and Toumodi;
  • Animal traction (use of draft oxen) at Brobo;
  • Introduction of cashew nut and oil palm to Brobo.


In terms of training, we can mention:

  • Training in small trades (sewing, hairdressing, Baoulé loincloth weaving);
  • Functional literacy;
  • Training of Community Health Officers (CHWs) on the community intervention process and the methodology for preparing an educational and technological animation activity;
  • Training on the treatment and prevention of common diseases;
  • Training of 200 ASC (M'batto, Brobo, Toumodi) on the management of pharmacy boxes in Côte d'Ivoire;
  • Mass awareness on STIs and HIV / AIDS. The positive results we recorded following the implementation of the awareness project on STIs and HIV / AIDS led the Government of Japan to renew the same project;
  • Training of 30 teachers (teachers and teachers) from the sub-prefecture of Brobo on STIs and HIV / AIDS.
  • All these actions have been possible thanks to the financial and material support granted by institutions such as: MISEREOR (Germany), Food For All (USA), Wilde Ganzen (Holland), Delipro (Belgium), MPT (Japan), MOFA (Japan), UNICEF-CI, USAID, UNDP, UNFPA, UNOCI etc. ... and also with the collaboration of state agencies, national and international NGOs such as: PSI / ECODEV, AIBEF, Renaissance Health Bouaké, Brobo Urban Health Center (CSUB).


Here are some of the actions that were taken during the 2002 crisis:

  • Registration of displaced persons in collaboration with the TOWN COUNCIL, the CHURCHES, the MUSLIM COMMUNITY and the VILLAGE AUTHORITIES;
  • Participation in the restoration and accommodation of the displaced;
  • Sensitization on STI / HIV / AIDS in villages, IDP camps and churches in Brobo;
  • Provision of ICA-CI Community Training Center premises to displaced students for the current school year;
  • Assignment of two (2) facilitators to the health center to support the medical staff of the urban health center of Brobo for the care of the ill displaced;
    Provision of our wheeled vehicles (mopeds) to the medical staff of Brobo and one of our agents for the research of vaccines and medical products at the INSP of Bouaké (war zone).