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Environmental protection
  • Reforestation and forestry;
  • Management of cassava pollutants;
  • Household waste management;
  • Installation and management of renewable energy (solar);
  • Water and sanitation ;
Sustainable agriculture
  • Integrated agriculture (agroforestry);
  • Corridor culture and associated culture;

  • Teaching of cultural techniques appropriate for the professionalization of farmers and breeders by:
  • Market gardening and food crops;
  • Poultry farming, pigs, goats, sheep etc ...;
  • Incubation and incubator for the production of chicks;
  • Perennial crops;
  • Rural Women's Entrepreneurship Promotion Program;
Health promotion
  • Awareness on STIs and HIV / AIDS;
  • Training on the management of pharmacy boxes for primary care;
  • Nutrition and early childhood care
Promotion of education
  • Opening of the vocational training center for sewing, hairdressing, embroidery and knitting and weaving of the traditional Baoula loincloth;
  • Functional literacy;
Others formations
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship;
  • Community development or local development;
  • Communication for behavioral change (C.C.C);
  • Marketing for the benefit of the beneficiaries of our projects.
  • Program of insertion and socio-economic reintegration of women and young people;
  • Strengthening social cohesion;