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April 2016


Report of year 2 Activities

Activities Undertaken:
- Mass fertilization
- Targeting and cleaning of plots
- Exploration for new sites
- Monitoring of activities

Point 1: Mass fertilization
This week, the project team continued their fertilization campaigns explaining the project to the communities of the new sites targeted by the project for year 2. Sessions were held at Andepo/Segbevi/N’Chompo

Point 2: Targeting and cleaning of plots
M. Mure: The sites of the three sub-projects have been prepared. And the management committee set up to manage the three sub-projects this week has opened a current bank account for the incomes of their projects. ICA-CI's intent for good governance is being followed this year

Preparation of plots at Monsieur Mure

Land deregulated for chicken raising at N’chompo

Dey-Obodje: The chicken raising site was cleaned and the youth group expect that the local authorities will give their agreement to the use of the land for vegetable and or agroforestry sites that they choose, according to the president of the youth group we met.

Land deregulated for chicken raising at Dey-obodje

Point 3: Exploration/Targeting of new Sites
On the 09.03.2016, the project team searched for new sites in and around the village of Niamansra, located 55km from Agboville, just after Aboude Boua Vincent, to see if was possible to change the minds of the village people of Andepo, where there seemed little motivation among the young people and also to find available land for the implementation of project activities.

Point 4: Monitoring activities
This week the monitoring of activities was conducted by the project team, in chicken raising at Boka-Oho (2nd production cycle), and Aboude Dadie (3rd production cycle), as well as at Aboude Boa Vincent on the vegetable site. It noted that Boa Vincent has sold all the chickens of the 3rd production cycle.

Future activities:
- Fertilization in the Village of Niamansra
- Exploration for New Sites
- Distribution of Corn and the Implementation of Vegetable Nurseries.

Maraîcher à Boua Vincent