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October 2016


Activities completed:

Visit of His Excellency the Ambassador
Chicken (marketing)
Agroforestry (planting)
Vegetable (marketing)
Audit mid-term

Visit of His Excellency the Ambassador
On the first of September 2016, The Ambassador of Japan in Côte d'Ivoire, conducted a field visit to Dey-Oboguie to see firsthand the activities carried out by CIA-CI under the project of youth at risk reintegration into Agneby-Tiassa region.

Chicken raising
Five (05) new farms and 2 of the sites are near the end of their first production cycle. For information after the first sale:
Mure are adding 1,000,000 cfa francs to this account

Chicken farming
Boka-Ho and Badoukro sold all their poultry production.
Laying chicken were 56 days old and all was well at the farms of Boka-Ho and Aboude Dadie. It should be noted here, the strong support we enjoyed with Mr.Takeda (a Japanese trader) who bought almost 300 chickens, with the beneficiaries being N'gorankro.

This month, there was the planting of trees (10 foot mangoustiers, 25 plants) and 25 plants of pepper guava. These were planted by Dey-0boguie. The Mure beneficiaries have harvested 550kg of maize. Note that the corn was consumed largely by the beneficiaries, being used mostly for the poultry farm.

There was speculation as okra, eggplant and cabbage were to be marketed by the beneficiaries. Some info on the selling:
Niamanzra 1 (cabbage) 500.000 cfa first sale
N'gorankro (okra and eggplant) 57.000f cfa
Mure (okra and eggplant) 37,500 cfa

Compost site (Mure): the experimental plot was well cleaned and the beneficiaries are striving this week to satisfy the boards and the establishment of the nursery.

Midterm audit
An audit, after 6 months of project execution, was conducted from September 15 to 16, 2016 by the firm Polaris & Camex. The objectives of the audit were:

Assess the institutional framework of the project implementation
Conduct site visits
Draw lessons and provided strategic guidance to give more chances of success in project activities of reintegration of youth.

Future activities:

Training in hatching craft and the use of the incubator,
Distribution of citrus plants,
Follow-frames beneficiaries.